The Censored Truth About Legal Immigration


By:  Rachel Marsden


NOTE:  The following column was deemed too controversial to be printed in Canada.


It’s an increasingly common scenario in the USA:  An illegal alien commits a serious crime, and the media complains that illegal immigration is out of control.  Well, it is – but the underlying assumption is that soon as people get their papers, they’ll suddenly start behaving.


It’s not just illegal immigration that’s out of control.  It’s legal immigration across the Western world that’s dysfunctional.  It doesn’t have to reach the level of criminality or terrorism to be unbearable.


When I go to McDonalds, I don't want my order to be met with a blank stare, even as I point exasperatingly at the menu board above your head to illustrate my selection.


And when I request "extra caesar dressing" for my salad, I don't want that interpreted as "no dressing at all, but lots of ketchup".


And is there anything more maddening than having people yelling at the movie screen, or across a subway car, in at least 5 or 6 different languages—none of which are English?  Living in NYC, I can tell you that no, there isn’t.


Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani recently said in an interview on FOX News’ O’Reilly Factor that he’d insist that every new immigrant be able to speak, read, and write English.  In other words, if you don’t know how, then go home, order some Hooked On Phonics tapes, and try again later.


Australia has the right idea.  Under their immigration policy, only those who fit with Western cultural ideals are allowed in--because living in cultural ghettos isn’t acceptable.  No one in your new country is interested in sampling a microcosmic version of the hellhole you left.  Meanwhile, in Canada, while the UK, for example, was the primary supplier of immigrants before 1986, it now doesn’t even rank in the top 10 – lagging behind suppliers like Pakistan, Iran, India and China.


According to a Citizenship and Immigration Canada report, “one in five very recent immigrants is Muslim”.  Did we welcome a flood of immigrants from Germany when we were at war with Nazis during WWII?  No, we didn’t.  How about coming to an acceptable consensus on the meaning of the word “peace” first, and then getting back to us.  The prevailing definition is about as appealing as my ex-boyfriend’s interpretation of “fine dining”.


As for Canada and America’s policy towards refugees, here again is where we can learn from the Aussies, who send refugees to detention camps until they can be vetted.  With the Russians going around planting flags in the Arctic, and Harper and Bush deciding that they’d better use our Arctic land or risk losing it, it’s a perfect fit.  The leftists keep telling us it’s warming up there, anyway.


Finally, here’s a simple immigrant acceptance test for our officials.  It’s called the “Would You Tap It?” test.  If no one with our Western values wants to breed with them or, at the very least, work with them, then they’re not fulfilling the mandate of our immigration policy, are they?


Do their clothes make it impossible to tell whether you’d even want to tap it? 


Does the person speak English fluently enough to carry on a conversation at the bar?  If not, then you wouldn’t be capable of tapping it, because you’d never be able to pick them up.


Can you picture them yelling at full volume, in a foreign language, to their friend beside them on public transit?  Or doing the same thing across the office at work?


Do they have any other weird practices or beliefs that make you want to run for the hills? 


Because no matter how much North Americans may have been brainwashed to believe that diversity is cool, we don’t need a national security emergency to realize the damage that is being done to the fabric of Western society through our ignorant immigration policies.



PUBLISHED:  September 9/07